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When you visit our website, we may place a ‘cookie’ onto your device. These are small text files which we use to improve the functionality and overall user experience of our website. Cookies collect information on the device being used, such as the IP address. We will not be able to directly identify you from this information.

Our Cookie banner is provided by OneTrust.


How to manage cookies

You can manage your preferences by interacting with the embedded preference tool, which opens as a ‘pop-up’ when you first visit our website. You can also find it by clicking on the  icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Using the tool, you will find information on each cookie being used as well as having the option to opt-in or out.

You can also manage your preferences by customising the setting in your chosen internet browser. Please do note however that restricting certain cookies may affect the functionality of our website. For further information on different internet browsers and how to manage these preferences, please visit:



Types of cookies we use

The choices you have over whether to accept or reject cookies will depend on the purpose they are used for. Cookies can be classified as:

Necessary – These cookies are essential for the security and the general running of our website. These types of cookies are exempt from the opt-in requirements.

Functional – These cookies remember the choices you have made, such as saving your preferred language or region. You have the choice over the setting of these cookies.

Analytical – These cookies collect statistics on how our website is being used, such as which areas receive the most traffic. You have the choice over the setting of these cookies.

In addition to the above categories, cookies can also be classified by the host provider (who is setting the cookie and viewing the information) and the expiration time:

First-party: These are cookies that are set directly by us. We don’t share this information outside of Communisis.

Third-party: These are cookies that are set by a different domain or website. We cannot view any of the information these cookies collect.

Persistent: These cookies have an expiration date and will remain active on your device until this period has expired

Session: These are temporary cookies that are only active when the web page is open. These cookies are removed once the web page is closed.




Cookie Provider Purpose Type Duration
JSESSIONID Editions Used for secure connections First party – Session Close of session
OptanonConsent Editions Remembers your preferences and sets the right cookies First party – Persistant 365 days
OptanonAlertBoxClosed Editions Used to determine if you should be shown the cookie banner First party -Persistent 365 days


Cookie Provider Purpose Type Duration
_ga_xxxxxxxxxx Editions Used to identify unique visitors to our website First party -Persistent 729 days
_ga Editions Used to identify unique visitors to our website First party -Persistent 1 day


Cookie Provider Purpose Type Duration
vuid Vimeo Allows embedded Vimeo videos to play correctly. If you have a Vimeo account, Vimeo may set cookies related to analytics and advertising Third party – Persistant 730 days
–cf-bm Vimeo Used as part of Vimeo’s bot management service Third party – Persistant 0 days
Cookie Provider Purpose Type Duration
YSC Youtube Youtube cookie that collects user data via video interaction for the purpose of targeted advertising Third party – Session Close of session
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE Youtube Used to uniquely track the viewing of Youtube videos Third party – Persistant 180 days
CONSENT Youtube Used by Youtube in relation to analytics and advertising Third party – Persistant 6168 days


Social media plugins

In addition to the above, we may embed links for buttons to social networks (such as LinkedIn). If you click on these links and browse to other sites, they may set their own cookies which allows them to view certain information such as which page you have visited from, your IP address and the language used.

We have added these to allow you to share content with your friends and family, however we have no control over the information that they gather. For further information on how these sites process your personal data (including details collected via cookies) please view their respective privacy notices. 


Last Update: September 2023