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Separate your signal from the post-election noise

10th November 2020

Kevin Claypoole-McCloskey

Managing Director

How can financial brands engage audiences following the US election result? With smart, snackable content.

Joe Biden is the President-elect of the United States. So, what does this mean for the financial sector? What is the reaction of the global markets to the election result? What will a Biden presidency mean for equities, for taxation, the regulatory landscape, and so on? There is a lot to discuss.

Financial audiences are hungry for expert commentary on the post-US election landscape. There is a ready market eager for the latest analysis. This presents a massive opportunity for finserv brands to connect with their audiences, to grow awareness, build trust, and position themselves as thought leaders in the field.

But it’s a crowded field. Competition for audience attention is fierce. Financial brands are already producing a surfeit of content to satisfy audience appetite. We are in a state of information saturation. In a saturated market, how will you stand out from the crowd? Even if you create top-quality content, how will you ‘stop the thumb’ as audiences scroll their feeds?

Here are seven tips to help your content stand out from the post-election crowd.

Be best-in-class

When competition is fierce, as a baseline your content must be best-in-class. It must be worth reading, watching or listening to. It must inform, educate, inspire, convince and convert. It must be truly thought-leading.

Be bitesize

You’ve created your long-form content. A 2000-word editorial piece, a whitepaper, or a series of podcasts. But to cut through the news feed noise, to direct users to the main dish, you’ll need short, sharp, ‘snackable’, tempting teaser content that stands out. Such as a short blog, an infographic, or a 30-second motion graphic. Think of it as the trailer for your full-length movie.

Be the headline act

Great in-depth content needs a strong ‘must-click’ headline to do it justice. A headline should grab attention or pique curiosity – but not be misleading. It should not over-promise nor shock for shock’s sake.

Be on-brand

It’s not just what you say, but how you say it. The copy in all promotional assets should be commensurate with brand voice – and the gravitas of the content. Tone of voice can change slightly across platforms to appeal to different types of user but whether it’s LinkedIn or Tik-Tok, if the content you’re leading users to is serious, tone should be serious throughout

Be persuasive

You’ve got a very small window to capture attention. Like your headline, your copy must make the user to want to find out more. How can you condense your 2000-word whitepaper into a limited character count, so it adequately sums up your message – and persuades the user to click on that ‘find out more’ but

Be attractive

It takes more than words to stand out in a crowded scroll of social posts. Think beyond the stock photo library and hook users’ attention with a strong image (or even a GIF? Ensure that the format works on every channel, and that it is reflective of your brand. Consider creating a unique image that combines visual elements from the story and your brand.

Be different

Instead of using a simple image for a social post, highlight the most illuminating quote from the full article, or a key data point from your report. If you’ve produced a podcast, use an audio clip. Test different methods for different platforms and see what works best.

At Editions Financial, we’re experts in creating short, smart, snackable content that captivates – and converts. Get in touch find out more about how we can help you cut through the post-election noise.

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Business Development Manager
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