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Digital marketing trends in 2020: Customer strategy

29th May 2020

Alex Burden

Group Strategist

The second blog of our digital marketing trends in 2020 series examines another all-important aspect of your marketing – the audience! From increased accessibility to broadening generational focus, we delve into customer centric developments.

Forward-looking businesses plan to invest in AI-enabled Martech stacks

1. Email personalisation was on the rise in 2019

A study showed that personalised email campaigns have 41% higher click-through rates. Digital marketing teams are moving from personalisation to hyperpersonalisation as a result, tailoring content and communications for their audiences to increase conversion.

Dynamic modules, segmented databases and with personalised subject lines synced to customer touchpoints were on the rise. Forward-looking businesses plan to invest in AI-enabled Martech stacks, and consequently, in the content that fuels it.

One way to get started without AI automation is prioritising A/B or multivariate testing. Aim to appropriately group segments by robust data.  

2. Total accessibility

Brands continue to invest in an accessible and inclusive experience for all their customers. There are around 13.3 million disabled people in the UK alone, including those with vision or hearing related issues, mobility difficulties, and cognitive difficulties.

This affects the way information and content can be accessed and how it is displayed.

Text to speech readers, specialist font options and other access technologies are due to continue in growth and implementation.

Read our special guide on how to design content and websites for accessibility by all.

3. Millennial focus switches to Generation Z

Millennials are a mainstay of digital marketing focus due to their buying power, but in 2020, Gen Z will account for 40% of all consumers. At the same time, they are growing their own interest in financial products.

They are savvy social media platform hoppers, engaging in emails, shopping products after viewing them on social media, while looking for brand values and purpose, front and centre.

If you haven’t started designing customer journeys and maps with this demographic front and centre, it is certainly the time to do so.

4. Keep it short and device specific

People are accessing emails on a number of different devices, such as wearables. If you have a 300-word awareness asset to stimulate interest, consider how it will be read on the back of a wrist.

Give the reader an instant reason why they should click through. Time is short and creative thinkers who have mastered the art of snappy copy will win the email race!

5. New customers need a magnificent onboarding experience

New customers deserve a content and digital marketing journey all for themselves.

Not all companies provide comprehensive digital onboarding packs that convert buyers into instant promoters. Good examples include welcome explainer videos that summarise products and services, and contact lists tailored to the individual.

Therefore, consider how to modularise welcome packs linked with your CRM.

Word of mouth recommendations remain one of the strongest motivators in customer decisions

Loyal customers who are not subject to new incentive offers can feel left out in the cold, so retention efforts must match that of new purchasers.

Think about timely reminders of what your business can do for existing customers when key retention triggers appear on the horizon.

6. Find the star voices in your company

Word of mouth recommendations remain one of the strongest motivators in customer decisions. This also includes hearing from employees who see services and products up close and in action.

Staff can be great brand ambassadors with the right support

Employees with great social media reach on their professional accounts, such as LinkedIn, largely remain an untapped goldmine.

While they may not necessarily work in your marketing team, staff can be great brand ambassadors with the right incentivisation and support.

If you want to know more about how Editions Financial can help you navigate the digital marketing trends in 2020, get in touch.

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