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Digital marketing trends in 2020: Platforms and format strategy

29th May 2020

Alex Burden

Group Strategist

The third issue of our digital marketing trends in 2020 blog explores the audio and visual platforms and formats of your content strategy. Brands can now be found in virtual video games, in mini-documentaries, and on virtual journeys.

1. Video remains the ruler

Video continues to improve ROI for brands year on year, and 2020 brings this trend into sharp relief. This includes personalization of videos, such as interactive content or delivery at the right touchpoint in the buying cycle.

Online viewing and spends are always increasing, considerably rising in 2021. Estimates suggest users will be watching 100 minutes of online video everyday. For that reason, make sure your brand represents some of those minutes.

Niche mini-documentary videos are gaining ground and building much sought-after emotional connections

Consumers are raising expectations to see personalised videos that deliver what they need to know, when they need to know it. Facebook’s ‘end of year’ videos summarise your activity through posts and interactions, and it can work for other brands with the right templates and automation.

Explainer videos combined with virtual reality will also be popular, such as store tours, processes for in-branch account admin and what questions to expect when you apply for a loan.

Finally, with the rising success of podcasts, niche mini-documentary videos are gaining ground and building much sought-after emotional connections, so expect to start seeing 20-minute videos.

2. Augmented / Virtual Reality to heighten customer experience

A digital marketing trends in 2020 blog would be remiss to not mention the fantastic opportunities in AR and VR.

Bridging the worlds of physical and virtual, augmented reality delivers a whole new experience in product interaction and promotion.

Westpac Bank launched an Augmented Reality Mobile app that allowed customers to scan their card using their phone camera. It overlaid the image with their current balance, spending and categories of expenses, as well as future payments.

Besides helping customers take control of their data, the app was also integrated with their HotPoints catalogue for AR shopping.

Financial services can use AR and VR to carve their own niche and also engage new prospects

Another interesting use was Deutsche Bank’s AR marketing campaign tactics in a mall. They set up a ‘Magic Mirror’ so interacting shoppers could experience augmented realities such as playing football, meeting unicorns and surfing.

Although it’s aim was building a positive brand image and association, the recorded interaction could be shared, increasing social presence.

Financial services can use AR and VR to carve their own niche and also engage new prospects. Uses include immersive data visualization, virtual payments, or virtual branches for remote face-to-face customer service.

3. Content becomes more interactive

Generation Y and Z have grown up with interactive and immersive video games, raising their expectations of brands.

Now imagine your bank account as an entirely personalised experience of content relating to your spending patterns as well as offers matching savings goals. Chatbots can guide you to a video that answers what’s on your mind or help you make decisions.

It’s on its way from savvy financial services competitors! And all of that interactive technology magic needs precision content. Web design and content marketers need to work hand in hand.

4. Digital marketing platforms are spreading out

Marketers are being pushed to identify where the next big audience is, but it’s difficult to find just one platform that is most noteworthy.

Commerce brands are taking steps into TikTok’s video-sharing platform as well virtual world video games like Animal Crossing and streaming platforms. It won’t be long before financial services brands take their stand.

The world is waiting for great, viral financial services campaigns engaging younger generations on their own terms!

If you want to find out how we can help you navigate digital marketing trends in 2020, get in touch.

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