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How the industry sees the future of financial services content

23rd January 2019

Kevin Hearn

Director of Strategy

If you’re wondering where content marketing is headed in 2019, you’re not alone.

To provide you with actionable answers, we surveyed financial services marketers around the world. Looking at what they’re thinking now, and how they see the future, we uncovered a few key themes:

Getting stuck in CX paralysis

41% of marketers said improving customer experience is an immediate concern. Yet due to internal challenges and customer pressures, many aren’t sure how to do this.  

Finding your brand’s purpose

Almost 50% of those surveyed said building a strong brand is their biggest priority. However, there seems to be a lack of clarity around defining a brand purpose that rings true – and makes a business impact.  

The in-housing effect

74% of organisations expect to ramp up their in-housing capabilities. Yet 36% of those we surveyed see the lack of the necessary skills and knowledge as a challenge to creating great content. In-housing can have benefits; but are there downsides?

More precision with measuring success

54% of marketers admit there’s room for improvement when it comes to measurement. A majority still have no method in place to put a monetary value to their content performance. 

Explore these trends in-depth, access further insights and analysis – and prepare for the year ahead in financial services content marketing with our State of Play 2019 report.


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Kevin Hearn

Director of Strategy

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