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Playbook: ESG

8th July 2021

Kevin Claypoole-McCloskey

Managing Director

We’ve updated our action-led playbook for ESG content strategy for 2021, with new stats, reference points and insights.

The significance of the environmental crisis, social movements and socio-economic divisions, combined with gradual shifts in wealth ownership and buying power, are driving demand for redefinition of business success.

Marketers are the bridge between customers and business leaders and have a significant role to play in driving ESG up the internal agenda, as well as articulating actions and drivers for audiences.

However, the bewildering choices in approaches, language, measurement and mission statements can leave businesses unsure of where to start.

A wider range of stakeholders, from buyers to suppliers to regulators are taking an interest in an organisation’s journey, presenting marketers with new audiences to engage and convert.

This playbook captures insights, thought-starters and ways to communicate the nuances of ESG, leading to increased concept adoption and stakeholder engagement.

Download the UK Playbook

Download the US Playbook

In this guide, you’ll find:

  • Mind the gap – an overview of the different pace of adoption worldwide.
  • The lexicon of ESG investing – examining the language and commonly used terminology of ESG to help you position your firm’s approach.
  • Designing your message – consider how visual cues can help you articulate your message.
  • How to get your story right – how you can roll your ESG evolution into a brand story, and why the narrative you build is an ever-evolving journey.
  • Who cares wins – a case study on a company who took an early leap into an ESG initiative, how their audience responded, and the financial benefits.
  • Unconventional investments – a case study of one asset managers new tool to help align ESG analysis with investment risk
  • Don’t just take our word for it – a selection of studies and literature that show how corporate sustainability practices translate to better practices.
  • What does ‘Environmental’ in ESG mean for marketers? – decoding the information needs of a marketer to successfully capture the environmental impacts of their business, with action points to get started.
  • Brands delivering the E in ESG – case studies.
  • What does ‘Social’ in ESG mean for marketers? – exploring the gradual shift from CSR to quantifiable ESG, and why marketers need to confront unhelpful practices.
  • Brands delivering the S in ESG – case studies.
  • What does ‘Governance’ in ESG mean for marketers – why governance is often overlooked in marketing plans and how to bring it front and centre.
  • Brands delivering the G in ESG – case studies.
  • From shareholders to stakeholders – why corporates are responsible to a wider group now – action points for broadening your messaging and understanding stakeholder concerns.
  • Benchmarking your ESG content – how to establish measurement actions for your brand narrative, and capture the added value insights that are right for your business.



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Managing Director

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