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What’s even better than diversity? Inclusion

As marketers, we’re often guilty of grouping people into simplistic categories. Ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) vs the middle class, Millennials vs Baby Boomers. But where once we could allow a two-dimensional persona to represent all UHNWIs (old white guy), happily, today’s society is very different. UHNWIs are young and old, of differing ethnicity and gender, in short, they’re a whole lot more diverse. To be truly inclusive, financial brands need to recognise that each individual wants, and deserves to be, represented. One-size-fits-all is no longer acceptable.

How content helps insurers differentiate on customer experience instead of price

Consumers today want to be able to connect with brands, have access to always-on content and reach the answers they need, fast. And in the current crisis, that connection is more important than ever. But people don’t typically hear much from their insurance providers and that has to change. At the Global Insurtech Summit in London earlier this month, everyone was talking about how insurers need to embrace the customer experience revolution.

The value of content in tough times

It was in June 2008 that I joined the marketing department at large wealth management firm. Barely three months later, the world had changed. Investors endured significant portfolio declines in the following weeks, and financial advisors, wealth management firms and other financial services companies scrambled to pick up the pieces.

Why customer retention should be the marketer’s North Star metric

Marketers will be familiar with ‘the funnel’ – the marketing model that maps out the theoretical, simplified customer journey towards the purchase of goods or services, originally conceived by American advertising advocate E. St Elmo Lewis back in 1898. The funnel narrows from lead generation at its top, through consideration to conversion: the sale.

How top asset managers drive LinkedIn engagement

LinkedIn is a primary channel for Asset Managers to connect with current and potential clients.

The top 10 asset management firms in the world have millions of LinkedIn followers between them. Importantly, Editions Financial research shows that the top brands are successfully seeing double-digit annual growth in their audiences on this platform and earning thousands of engagements.

How to attract the next generation of wealthy investors

The transforming demographics of global wealth provide an exciting opportunity for financial services marketers ready to fully embrace change and capture a new wealth audience.

In this the second part of a two-part series we examine the forces at play, from the concentration of wealth in the hands of women to the impact of an increasingly entrepreneurial culture, and the shift towards greater diversity, both within societies and in terms of global wealth distribution.

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In part one, we explored the effect of the wealth audience shift to Generation X and Millennials. If you missed it, read it here.

FinTech’s brand problem

FinTechs are relying on product attributes to get them noticed. But that’s not how consumers make buying decisions. We discuss the benefits of a strong brand narrative, especially as the FinTech category becomes increasingly crowded, and functional differentiation becomes more of a challenge.