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Digital marketing trends in 2020: Social strategy

The final issue of our digital marketing trends in 2020 blog delves into social strategy. From selling direct to customers in sharp, shoppable social posts to messaging lifespan and nano influencers, you can subtly tweak your schedules.

Digital marketing trends in 2020: Customer strategy

The second blog of our digital marketing trends in 2020 series examines another all-important aspect of your marketing – the audience! From increased accessibility to broadening generational focus, we delve into customer centric developments.

Digital marketing trends in 2020: Platforms and format strategy

The third issue of our digital marketing trends in 2020 blog explores the audio and visual platforms and formats of your content strategy. Brands can now be found in virtual video games, in mini-documentaries, and on virtual journeys.

Create a successful virtual event

Marketers are facing a unique challenge in the coming months, as major brands decide to cancel in-person events, conferences and gatherings. The prospect of scheduling gaps, delayed information-sharing and missed networking opportunities has resulted in pressure on marketing teams to convert existing events into virtual solutions.

Why customer retention should be the marketer’s North Star metric

Marketers will be familiar with ‘the funnel’ – the marketing model that maps out the theoretical, simplified customer journey towards the purchase of goods or services, originally conceived by American advertising advocate E. St Elmo Lewis back in 1898. The funnel narrows from lead generation at its top, through consideration to conversion: the sale.

How to attract the next generation of wealthy investors

The transforming demographics of global wealth provide an exciting opportunity for financial services marketers ready to fully embrace change and capture a new wealth audience.

In this the second part of a two-part series we examine the forces at play, from the concentration of wealth in the hands of women to the impact of an increasingly entrepreneurial culture, and the shift towards greater diversity, both within societies and in terms of global wealth distribution.

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In part one, we explored the effect of the wealth audience shift to Generation X and Millennials. If you missed it, read it here.